If you’ve had an encounter with any type of narcissist or emotional abuser, you might be thinking you had an encounter with the devil incarnate.

Believe me, I get it…

But are narcissists really evil?

We’re going to explore that question in today’s blog post.

This may not be a black-and-white issue (regardless of what anyone says), but I have some thoughts to share with you on the whole concept of narcissists being evil.

But first, there are a few things we have to understand.

Not all narcissists are the same

You might have heard the term malignant narcissist being thrown around. It’s usually meant to refer to narcissists who are extremely destructive. At this intense level of narcissism, narcissists are likely also sociopaths or psychopaths.

And those people are extremely malignant.

I’d argue that all people with NPD are malignant in their own way. They are all selfish to the point where they are willing and able to hurt others without remorse.

But the level of damage is strongly correlated with their level of disorder.

So someone who is lower on the spectrum but still lacking empathy will not be nearly as damaging as someone at the malignant sociopath or psychopath level.

Narcissism is a defense mechanism

Although there may be other factors involved, most experts agree that narcissism is often formed as a defense mechanism that children engage between the ages of 2 and 5. It’s usually a response to abuse, neglect or some other trauma.

This understanding should never negate the trauma this person has inflicted upon you. But it should help you understand that their issues have nothing to do with you.

Childhood trauma isn’t an excuse for bad behavior in any adult.

But we know that carrying hate is bad for the soul. And it’s best to try to understand this person’s condition, so you can heal and move forward without carrying hate in your own heart.

Narcissists don’t care about you

I went through this crazy, fearful period after learning about covert narcissism. After realizing that this person had knowingly hurt me again and again, and wanted to keep doing so, I was afraid. I thought he was out to get me and would stop at nothing to hurt me.

But after I learned about narcissism, I learned that wasn’t true at all. He didn’t care about me at all. I was a source of supply and nothing more.

“Destroying me” would take too much time and energy away from getting supply in other places and it wouldn’t be worthwhile for him. Plus, it would make him look like a bad guy, and that wasn’t his thing.

Now, I realize that many of you encounter the type of narcissist that enjoys the takedown with flying monkeys and the whole nine. I’ve seen it happen. It’s ugly.

But it’s the drama that’s giving this narcissist supply. So whether you’re dealing with someone who likes to hoover and discard or someone who has hoards of flying monkeys, they’ll go away when you stop reacting (providing supply).

Okay, now that we’ve covered narcissism, let’s define evil.

To answer this question, I’m going to define evil as malicious intent, which means they are driven to hurt you. That’s their motivation.

And that actually doesn’t describe most narcissists.

Most narcissists are driven to meet their own selfish needs for supply. And their lack of empathy allows them to hurt you in the process.


Are narcissists evil?

The large majority of narcissists are extremely dangerous to your emotional wellbeing if you let them close enough to hurt you. But their goal isn’t to hurt you (unless you’re dealing with an especially malignant narcissist).

After a whole lot of research on the disorder, I’m going to give the answer of No, most narcissists are not actually evil. But I know there are exceptions.

There are some really dangerous, and probably evil, narcissists out there – but these people are most-likely also sociopaths or psychopaths. This isn’t the garden-variety narcissist.

So what have you experienced? Have you encountered a truly evil narcissist? Or do you think they’re all evil? Let me know in the comments.



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  1. Pamela Powell October 10, 2019 Reply

    I do agree with everything you said! How ever I have an amazing God come in my life after I let the narcissistic person go out my life! He showed me so many things I never knew one I had greatest heart I even began a vegan in my spiritual enlightenment! Then he began show me how worthy I am! As I told this person! I was able walk away an stay away he tried cheap in how ever it gave me chance tell him I for gave him an I wish well finding love with wife again ! I toke back my power an GOD GAVE ME HIS!!! I am so Greatful to all this person done because if not happen I might never would seen my God for who he really is to me an in me! I wanted to express on major things’ you may not know or did not add! I do feel these type of ppl get into ppl heads with so much emotional abuse they feel less worthy an when person feels like that they become sducidal they either attemp it an fail or either carried out! That leave the narcissistic person with more ego because they got head of one so bad cause one lose life they take that pride! An believe it or not they attend the funeral of the victim! I say that in respect because they are they ones like myself able walk away an free myself well we no longer victim we are a winner which cause the narcissistic person to have failed ones who! I walk out never looked back at missing him or ever though pick up a phone to call or need! That what felt he waiting for because life been hard. It I had go though my changes for my God! In that I do feel he thought I could not trust my God to make me abundant as a well deserving women changing my ways an in his light becoming a vegan an learning who my God really is I can not find words to explain or express how great he truly is!’ I stood an won this battle because his love for me! He gave me the will then to walk out an greater will now trust only him! I had the greatness to see my twin flame in meditation an pray that the last change I have make getting rid of coffee an cigs will put me own that Highper vibration with my God an him!!’ So he come my life an we live as one!!! Excited 😊 can’t wait to meet men I have seen so many times in meditation can not wait meet him marry him! Amen, 🙏 namaste

  2. Carmen September 20, 2020 Reply

    Hi- my 38yr old daughter has been divorced for only 2 yrs and that is when I realized she has NPD - she has now been keeping the grandchildren form us ( unimaginable heartache- we love the grandchildren and we were a big part of their lives ) this has really hit us. Is this evil?

  3. Joe Lindsey March 5, 2021 Reply

    I would write my opinion, but she’s probably gonna read it right after I post it so I’m gonna plead the 5th. 😂😱

  4. blucrab September 24, 2021 Reply

    narcissists aboad in white elite - (ie: TRUMP & DOCTOR'S DAUGHTERS) I LOVE THE COMMENTS BELOW

  5. Sean December 2, 2021 Reply

    My wife is a malignant narcassist, and I'm trying to escape for good, she halucinates, delusional, gaslight me all day long blames me for everything, projects, calls me terrible filthy names, financial abuser, excessive compulsive, my doctor does not want even see her again, I spend all of my money on my house and pay her bills! have no money for divorce lawyer deed and mortgage in my name. I want to divorce, split whatever we have to and move on and she won't budge. Police have been here several times I'm over ready to move on. Tore my achilis tendon last year she told me to Get out! They don't care zero empathy! Oh and claims to see and know movie stars! ✌✌