Give yourself the tools (and the permission) to finally start living life on your own terms.

For the best results, book a package of 4 sessions (and enjoy the best rate too!)

It's your time now.

Coaching Packages

tailored to your goals

One 50-minute session

This 50-minute coaching session is designed to help you gain confidence and overcome a pressing and/or time-sensitive obstacle.


Four 50-minute sessions

This package of four 50-minute coaching sessions with Christina is designed to help you get a head-start on crushing your goals and prioritizing yourself.


One text-based session

For a very specific and time-sensitive concern, you may benefit from a written session. These sessions are held via text, email or chat (your choice). 


What to Expect

from private coaching sessions

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Identify Toxic Patterns

If you feel like your life is set on repeat - like you're running the same negative patterns with no end in sight - you may be stuck in a toxic cycle. We may be destined to repeat these cycles until we learn the lessons within.

Through coaching, we can uncover those patterns and help you break them once and for all. 

You really can design your life on your own terms!

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Set Specific Goals

What obstacles are holding you back from living your best life? For many, it's things like procrastination, rumination and trust issues. 

Emotional abuse takes a major toll on a person's sense of self, and through coaching, you can improve your self-worth and crush those goals. 

Whether you need help getting back into dating or battling imposter syndrome, coaching can help!

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Focus on YOU

When we look back at the difficult times, there's a good chance we'll find some misguided focus at play.

Whether it's people-pleasing, perfectionism or toxic hope, putting the main focus outside yourself is always dangerous. 

Coaching can help you shift the focus back where it belongs (to YOU!) all while maintaining empathy for others. 

Private Coaching Sessions

with Christina

As your coach, I'm here to help you overcome roadblocks and move forward into the next phase of your life.

And make no mistake about it, this next phase is all about you. It begins with your coaching sessions. 

You set the goals. You set the pace. 

I'm here to help guide you and offer some gentle accountability to get you closer to the life you've always wanted to live. It may sound cliche, but it's true. That life is well within your reach AND you already have the power within you to achieve it. 

Our sessions will be focused on identifying that power within and harnessing it for your greatest good. 

If you're ready, book sessions and let's get started!

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Coaching vs. Therapy

Deciding which is best for you

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Before you book a coaching session, it will be helpful to understand the difference between coaching and therapy.

If you feel  like you need help to overcome serious emotional issues like CPTSD or other trauma-related conditions, this is best suited for a qualified therapist. 

Our sessions will be designed to help you draw from your own strength (it's there, trust me!) to overcome obstacles and feel more empowered in your own life.

As examples, some goals of coaching could be to help you stop negative patterns like overthinking, procrastinating and people-pleasing that so-often plague survivors of emotional abuse.

These are your sessions, so you set the goal and the pace.



It's your time now

Get started with a private coaching package with Christina. In four 50-minute sessions, you'll begin the groundwork for the life you've always wanted.