7-Day Self-Love Kickstart

7-Day Self-Love Kickstart

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Jumpstart your self-love and self-esteem commitment with this simple 7-Day Self-Love Plan. In the aftermath of emotional abuse, we all need a little extra self-care and self-love — and this program will help you kickstart a journey of loving yourself and loving life again. It’s not a miracle cure by any stretch. But it can help reset your focus… if only for the week!

And you’ll have access for the life of the product, so you can start whenever you want and take it again and again!


If you’re having trouble shifting your focus away from your circumstances or from an abusive ex-partner, friend or family member, this program might offer the head-start you’ve been looking for.

This simple 7-day program contains 7 daily videos, gratitude prompts, affirmations and instructions to help you reclaim your power and shift your focus back where it belongs — to YOU!

Every day, you’ll get:

  • 1 5-Minute Motivational Video to Help Start Your Day Off Right
  • 1 Unique Affirmation to Help Reset Your Self-Love After Emotional Abuse
  • 2 Gratitude Prompts (for Day and Night)
  • 1 Tip to Help Get the Law of Attraction Working in Your Favor Again (aka, goodbye narcissists)

Emotionally abusive people like narcissists abuse us by triggering our own false beliefs. And the longer we stay in these relationships, the stronger those false beliefs get. These things can also be called insecurities or hot-button issues. They’re different for everyone — but abusive people will always find yours and throw salt in those old wounds.

One way to protect yourself is to reprogram those false beliefs — by focusing on self-love.

It’s one tool in your arsenal to fight back after emotional abuse, but it’s a crucial one!

This is a light-hearted program that addresses emotional abuse, but it completely takes the focus (not the blame!) off of any abusive people. Instead, we’re focusing on the person who matters in all of this, and that’s you.

If you’re ready… hop on into this 7-Day Self-Love Plan and learn how to put yourself first again (in the best possible way).

You’ll have access for the life of the product, so you can start whenever you want and take it again and again!